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AIM Target Programs Inc,

3049 Cleveland Ave #100
Fort Myers
FL 33901


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AIM Target Programs Inc

(239) 939-3363 – 3049 Cleveland Ave #100, Fort Myers, FL 33901 – Google Rating 4.3

Tuesday: 8AM–6PM
Wednesday: 8AM–6PM
Thursday: 8AM–6PM
Friday: 8AM–4PM
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Monday: 8AM–6PM


Name: Joshua Vickery
Rating: 5
Review: These people here have been so kind and helpful every time we have been in contact with each other. Thank you for introducing me to New Leaf, keep doing what you do. Looking forward, leaving the past. Awesome Staff!!!
Date: 2 weeks ago


Name: James Steele
Rating: 5
Review: This folks are pretty good. I called every company on the list that is approved by the courts for these services and talked with them. There is a huge variation among these companies in terms of pricing, flexibility, whether they answer the phone, helpfulness and the nature of the programs they offer. AimTargetPrograms is hands down the best on that list. Nobody wants to be required to come to a spot like this, but this place is as fair and reasonable as can be considering the circumstances. They seem like they want to help you, whereas other places seem like they want your money or to see you in a straightjacket
Date: 3 months ago


Name: Nick Luckfelt
Rating: 1
Review: This place is a true shame. The Hispanic representative at the front desk is callous and unpleasant to say to the least, the establishment is cold and unwelcoming, and the staff conducts themselves not in a manner not conducive to your success. They deserve 0 stars as I was almost violated due to their disregard.I would highly recommend Florida Treatment For Change. The staff there is highly knowledgeable and kind. Ms Eileen is the best.
Date: 2 years ago


Name: Amber Trombley
Rating: 5
Review: Nicole, Cameron, Daniel, and Vanessa are all very caring and to the point people. They went out of their way, especially Nicole and Daniel, to be helpful and supportive during a frustrating and quite frankly, scary situation. I am grateful I chose AIM Target Programs.
Date: a year ago

About AIM Target Programs Inc

Founded in 1994, the mission of AIM Target Programs is to provide coordinated services for substance abuse, drug testing, BIP/domestic violence, anger management, and anti-theft. At AIM, we serve adults referred by their employers, the Department of Children and Families, the Court System; Probation, Attorneys Office, Department of Corrections and DUI/Safety Council. All of the services at AIM Target Programs are offered by credentialed, qualified, and experienced counselors.

Understanding Inpatient Treatment

Exactly what is actually Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient treatment is actually the top stage of care offered to individuals with narcotic and liquor habit. Throughout inpatient treatment, we provide accommodation in a center while receiving therapy. Some programs supply detoxification initially, to clear the system of the toxins accumulated from the overuse of narcotics or liquor. After that, they can move on to inpatient treatment. Additionally, other inpatient locations admit clients who have just completed detoxification.

Above all, inpatient treatment provides extensive assistance. This is actually helpful and aids considerably with urges while addressing the root concerns leading to their habits. Actually, many rehabilitation centers, in turn, furthermore assist with concurrent psychological conditions. These consist of depressive disorders, panic disorders, manic-depressive illness, and post-trauma stress (PTSD).

Inpatient treatment locations, like our WPB Treatment Facility in South Florida, possess a lot more to supply than group therapy and lectures. Choices like artistic therapy, sound therapy, and neuro-feedback ensure things interesting and engaging. Thus, each person easily obtains enough opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t function for them.

Inpatient drug and alcohol care is especially beneficial for beginners and those who have tested non-residential or less thorough programs but discovered them ineffective for their necessities.

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