Dry Palms Club Inc (Alcoholism treatment program) 1251 Lamar Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33903


Dry Palms Club Inc,

1251 Lamar Rd
Fort Myers
FL 33903


Website: Dry Palms Club Inc

Dry Palms Club Inc

1251 Lamar Rd – 1251 Lamar Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33903 – Google Rating 3.6


Name: Web3Prep
Rating: 5
Review: Absolutely love this little club house. Always good people and kind hearted individuals, carrying hope to those in need. Also a great place to stop in for a strong cup of coffee.
Date: 8 months ago


Name: Ken Hayes
Rating: 3
Review: Would be nice if they updated there schedule. Not everyone is local. Schedule online says 2pm NA meeting, as well as the schedule on the wall outside by entrance.Needed meeting was looking forward to it. Thank God I found an AA meeting at a place called YANA.
Date: a year ago


Name: Benson Guspan
Rating: 5
Review: Im a life long alcoholic. Been doing AA meetings past 3 days. Been sober past 3 days. Longest being sober in years. Ill always be an alcoholic. Im really hoping i can stay on course with there help.
Date: 5 years ago


Name: Dee Hess
Rating: 1
Review: Is there a NUMBER TO CALL?????? I've called the number many times! It's disconnected! Whoever has the number, please post it!!!! Thank you!
Date: 2 years ago

About Dry Palms Club Inc

Understanding Inpatient Treatment

What is actually Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Inpatient rehab is actually the top stage of support accessible to people with drug and booze dependency. Throughout inpatient rehab, we provide lodging in a center while get care. Some programs supply detox firstly, to free the system of the contaminants built-up from the abuse of narcotics or booze. Following that, they can move on to inpatient rehab. Moreover, other inpatient locations accept patients who have just completed detox.

Most importantly, inpatient rehab provides complete assistance. This is actually helpful and aids significantly with cravings while working on the underlying concerns causing their habits. Indeed, many rehabs, in turn, furthermore assist with concurrent psychological conditions. These comprise depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar conditions, and post-trauma stress (PTSD).

Inpatient rehab locations, like our West Palm Beach Rehab in South Florida, have a lot more to supply than group therapy and talks. Alternatives like artistic therapy, music therapy, and neurofeedback ensure things interesting and involving. Thus, each client easily receives enough experience to discover what works and what doesn’t is effective for them.

Inpatient substance and liquor rehabilitation is especially beneficial for beginners and those who have attempted non-residential or less thorough programs but realized them unproductive for their needs.

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