Frankie's Place Counseling and Prevention (Addiction treatment center) 2710 Swamp Cabbage Ct, Fort Myers, FL 33901


Frankie's Place Counseling and Prevention,

2710 Swamp Cabbage Ct
Fort Myers
FL 33901

Frankie's Place Counseling and Prevention

(239) 666-4545 – 2710 Swamp Cabbage Ct, Fort Myers, FL 33901 – Google Rating 4.6


Name: Jennifer Pauly
Rating: 5
Review: I am forever grateful to Frankie's Place and the entire team that works there. They have been there for our family regardless of circumstances, allow self-pay, and are flexible with hours, zooms, and really work with schedules. Their skill set is unsurpassed, and the environment is comfortable and cozy. The tools gained are necessary for life navigation. Regardless of crisis, or if needing someone to just 'talk to', Frankie's Place is a safe space, nonjudgmental, and treat so many facets of mental wellness-from grief, to addiction, to couples counseling and beyond. The groups and classes are diverse, and my family is lucky to have their constant support! Thank you, Madison and Michelle!!
Date: 7 months ago


Name: Jennifer Cruz
Rating: 5
Review: I have been at Frankie's Place and they have the CHEAPEST drug screens! The place is so cute and welcoming. They work with you helping navigate what is required and treat you so nice offering snacks and water bottles. They send your drug screens to the lab if they are positive which is required by probation. It is discussed prior to going and the price is not expensive at all. I love this place and appreciate the people who work there.
Date: 8 months ago


Name: Jeff Sanders
Rating: 5
Review: Just finished an excellent 12 session program with Madison. I learned a lot and it helped me during recovery from a liver transplant. Very professional and organized. Highly recommend Frankie’s Place!
Date: 5 months ago


Name: Todd Bentley
Rating: 5
Review: Michelle Cavalieri has SAVED MY LIFE! Never met someone who generally cares for people so much. The Real deal. I highly recommend her if someone is struggling with any kind of mental health or addiction treatment. She truly understands and can read people 100 percent. She knows me better than I know myself. And she stayed with me and continued to help me for years. If I ever slip up. I can ALWAYS call her and count on her and her staff. AMAZING people. Thank you so much for changing my life!
Date: 7 months ago

About Frankie's Place Counseling and Prevention

Frankie's Place is a Counseling and Prevention service that focuses on Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders. We provide Intensive Out Patient (up to 9 hrs. weekly) and Out Patient Programs (up to 3 hrs. weekly). We Offer Private Pay services. Please Call 239-666-4545 to schedule an Appointment. All services including drug screens are by Appointment only!

Understanding Inpatient Treatment

Exactly what is Inpatient Treatment?

Inpatient rehab is the greatest degree of care accessible to people with drug and liquor habit. During inpatient rehab, we provide housing in a location while undergoing treatment. Some programs offer cleansing initially, to clear the body of the poisons gathered from the overuse of substances or liquor. Following that, they can proceed to inpatient rehab. Moreover, other inpatient centers accept clients who have just concluded cleansing.

Primarily, inpatient rehab offers comprehensive assistance. This is beneficial and assists greatly with cravings while addressing the underlying problems leading to their addictions. Indeed, many rehabs, in turn, also assist with co-occurring psychological conditions. These consist of major depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, and PTSD (PTSD).

Inpatient rehab centers, like our West Palm Beach Rehabilitation Center in South Florida, offer a lot more to offer than group treatments and talks. Choices like creative therapy, musical therapy, and neural feedback keep things engaging and involving. Thus, each client effortlessly receives enough opportunity to find out what functions and what doesn’t work for them.

Inpatient drug and alcohol care is especially beneficial for first-timers and those who have tried day or less rigorous programs but found them ineffective for their needs.

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