LPG Addiction Medicine - Behavioral Health Center (Addiction treatment center) 12550 New Brittany Blvd #201, Fort Myers, FL 33907


LPG Addiction Medicine - Behavioral Health Center,

12550 New Brittany Blvd #201
Fort Myers
FL 33907

LPG Addiction Medicine - Behavioral Health Center

(239) 343-9190 – 12550 New Brittany Blvd #201, Fort Myers, FL 33907 – Google Rating 2.6

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Name: Emily Rossotto
Rating: 3
Review: UPDATE SINCE DR PARISH LEFT:Totally awful and dissapointing. I changed my 5 stars for dr parish to 2 now that hes left. GOOD LUCK GETTING AHOLD OF THE OFFICE. They have messed up appointments.Told me my husband never saw Dr. Torres when hes seen her multiple times. my husband had to change his appoinment and that was yesterday. hes out of his suboxone and its been 2 days now today. hes gone into withdrawal and missed work and STILL NOTHING IS CALLED IN after being assured it would be yesterday by Dr. Torres. very upsetting..... Lee health can do better..Lee health addicition medicine has ALWAYS gone above and beyone for my spouse, who has been a loyal patient of Dr. Parrish for years in his road to ultimate sobriety. They have always helped and done what they can if my husband wasn't able to make his appointment. I highly reccommend this office to ANYONE SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING AND STAYING CLEAN. My husband has been on maint. meds for almost a year now fully and is doing better and better. Although Dr. Parrish has left the practice, I am eager for my husbands new visit with the new doc and what that may bring
Date: 3 weeks ago


Name: Kristen Raffa
Rating: 3
Review: The nurses and doctors and front desk ladies are super nice, out of all 3 years I've been going here they've been friendly, kind and patient. But today we had a run in with a "manager" who I could assume was filling the space of one of the front desk ladies, and even though no one was there while we were there, she wanted my child to not be a child and not to touch anything or move anything in the waiting room. The door to the waiting room is usually closed, but since my Toddler closed the door she comes barging in with such attitude talking about there's other people there (there were no people in sight) and my toddler had moved a table I would say like 2 inches from where it was and apparently she didn't like that and told me he can't be moving "all' the furniture around, it's a stupid table lady. From what I was told is that she's very insensitive to children and people with kids. For 1) you can't expect a toddler not to touch something, 2)we have never had an issue with him playing in there until this miserable lady was in there, 3) people like that should have no business being in this line of work if they can not leave their own baggage at the door or are insensitive to kids and people with kids. People like that are better off working at the grocery store.They should probably change management, than this place would be a nice warm environment to go to, but after this ordeal with this lady I left that office thinking how this place decided she was a good fit for that position. I don't think I have ever met a toddler who doesn't want to touch and play with everything. But to this lady everything my 3 year old did bugged her, yes a 3 year old bugged a grown woman
Date: 8 months ago


Name: Yolanda Martin
Rating: 5
Review: Carmina is amazing, always goes above and beyond, she makes a difference in people’s life. The whole team are great!
Date: 3 months ago


Name: Douglas McDaniel
Rating: 1
Review: Very sad this saddens my heart to even write this review I’m very new in this recovery world I’ve never really been on medication before or experienced anything like this before but I’m very disappointed I have been with this corporation for over a year. I’ve never giving them any trouble or problems, or anything whatsoever. I’ve always made it on time to the appointments and someone in my family. Just passed and I miss my first appointment and basically I was called and told that there was nothing they could do to help me and that they could give me options that weren’t even guaranteed.Basically, I’ve been on medication for over a year and they are not wanting to help me. I’ve never failed their drug test. I’ve never given them any reason. I’ve never abuse my medication. Basically they told me to figure it out myself. It’s very very sad and I hate to say this, but I do not recommend them.Dr. Paris was a good doctor. He did everything the doctor is supposed to do he sincerely cared so I can’t really say anything bad about him personally but I can say bad things about the staff and who work under him.
Date: 9 months ago

About LPG Addiction Medicine - Behavioral Health Center

Understanding Inpatient Treatment

Exactly what is actually Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Inpatient rehabilitation is actually the top level of treatment available to individuals with drug and liquor dependency. Throughout inpatient rehabilitation, we supply lodging in a facility while receiving care. Some programs supply detox firstly, to rid the system of the contaminants accumulated from the overuse of narcotics or liquor. After that, they can transition to inpatient rehabilitation. Additionally, other inpatient locations take clients who have just concluded detox.

Most importantly, inpatient rehabilitation supplies extensive support. This is actually beneficial and aids significantly with urges while addressing the underlying problems contributing to their addictions. Indeed, many rehabs, in turn, also support with concurrent psychological issues. These consist of depression, anxiety, manic-depressive illness, and PTSD (PTSD).

Inpatient rehabilitation locations, like our WPB Rehab in SF, have a lot more to supply than group sessions and lectures. Alternatives like artistic therapy, sound therapy, and neural feedback ensure things interesting and entertaining. Thus, each person easily gets enough exposure to learn what works and what doesn’t function for them.

Inpatient narcotic and booze rehabilitation is especially helpful for first-timers and those who have tried non-residential or less intensive programs but discovered them ineffective for their necessities.

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