Operation PAR Inc (Addiction treatment center) 535 Pine Island Rd M, North Fort Myers, FL 33903


Operation PAR Inc,

535 Pine Island Rd M
North Fort Myers
FL 33903


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Operation PAR Inc

(239) 656-7700 – 535 Pine Island Rd M, North Fort Myers, FL 33903 – Google Rating 4.3

Tuesday: 5:30–11:30AM
Wednesday: 5:30–11:30AM
Thursday: 5:30–11:30AM
Friday: 5:30–11:30AM
Saturday: 5:30–10AM
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 5:30–11:30AM


Name: Michael Knight
Rating: 5
Review: If you are truly looking to be drug free and clean and follow the rules that PAR asks of you this place will work, but if your abusing other medications and drugs on the side then your just wasting your time. And a side note.Dont try making friends here outside of your counselor and the dr and nurses and other employees. Be selfish and put your sobriety first. And if your able to do these things PAR will definitely be a life saver for you. Best of luck to all the people struggling with the disease of addiction. 🙂
Date: 7 months ago


Name: Howard Nelson
Rating: 5
Review: I was very successful in this clinic and after a year of being in another program I'm returning. Most people who post negative reviews about PAR are not taking accountability and or not following said rules... even when I slipped up they gave me clear and procise steps to get back on track and then I was rewarded when I achieved set goals and stayed clean.
Date: a year ago


Name: Allison West
Rating: 4
Review: I started my methadone treatment in Vermont. I moved to Cape Coral, Florida about 3 weeks ago and was able to get right in to this clinic. I am pregnant, so this was very important for me, as it is very risky to miss days of this medication when you have been on it for a while, like I have. The staff has been very accommodating since the start. My councilor has been great so far and you can just tell that most of the people here really care about the work they do and really believe in the good it does. This facility beats my last one, hands down. It is located behind a strip mall, which makes it more private, which is nice considering the stigma that comes with these places. The building is clean and well kept from what i have seen so far. I definitely recommend this clinic!
Date: 6 years ago


Name: Kelly “Kelly” Reynolds
Rating: 5
Review: Staff are very friendly, (while they’re there) but the counselors move on to the next job fast. It feels like they get the counseling job and move on to the next job too fast. So, if you have a long term problem, like me, you get attached to a new counselor too often. It's hard getting close to someone, who you think, cares about you, and maybe does, for the time they’re there, but for us it's not a job. For the addicts that actually need this place they should maybe gauge each individual Rating them by how long they think they might be there and give them a counselor that is going to be there for a while or is just passing through or maybe someone, compared to someone else who doesn't need the help as much as others more than somebody else that doesn't. Its hard letting someone in over and over again whenyoudon'tevenhavefamilyand they still treat you like a number which you have to tell them your number when you walk in. But overall they are a very great clinic compared to others which I have been to. They are professional and understanding and work with you. I even payed off a 1400.00 balance i owed. 5 stars but no one's perfect.
Date: 2 years ago

About Operation PAR Inc

Understanding Inpatient Treatment

Precisely what is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab is the greatest level of support available to those with drug and liquor habit. Throughout residential rehab, we provide accommodation in a facility while get therapy. Some plans provide detoxification initially, to rid the physique of the toxins built-up from the overuse of drugs or liquor. After that, they can move on to residential rehab. Additionally, other residential centers admit patients who have just concluded detoxification.

Primarily, inpatient rehab offers extensive support. This is helpful and aids considerably with desires while working on the root concerns causing their dependencies. In fact, many rehabs, in turn, also support with concurrent psychological conditions. These comprise depression, panic disorders, bipolar conditions, and PTSD (PTSD).

Inpatient rehab centers, like our Southern Florida Rehabilitation Center in SF, have a lot more to provide than group sessions and seminars. Alternatives like creative therapy, musical therapy, and neuro-feedback maintain things captivating and involving. Thus, each individual readily obtains enough exposure to discover what works and what doesn’t work for them.

Inpatient substance and liquor rehabilitation is particularly useful for beginners and those who have attempted outpatient or less thorough plans but realized them unproductive for their requirements.

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