WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Fort Myers (Addiction treatment center) 1820 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33907


WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Fort Myers,

1820 Colonial Blvd
Fort Myers
FL 33907

WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Fort Myers

(239) 237-5473 – 1820 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33907 – Google Rating 4.7

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Name: cheryl miller
Rating: 5
Review: My experience at white sands has helped me so much with my recovery! I felt a little guilty being treated so well while I was there. The program is amazing and so is the staff! From the BHT’s to my discharge person Jeanette. My therapist was also amazing and really got to the heart of my issues. If your looking for a rehab center don’t look any further!
Date: 2 months ago


Name: Mary Martini
Rating: 5
Review: I am about to return home from White Sands, Fort Myers location. I really wanted to write a 5 star review because after attending several rehabs in the past, my expectations were far exceeded. I truly believe they have created an environment so comfortable as well as beautifully maintained and clean I can only call it the "Disney" of rehabs. The landscaping is meticulously maintained daily and just gorgeous, with beautiful blooming trees and water fountains throughout. The food is outstanding, freshly cooked by professional chefs with quality as well as pride. There is something for everybody, which brings me to the groups and therapists. There are many groups to choose from each day, taught by well-educated professionals with some of the best and most advanced methods and training. They truly set me up to continue advancing myself at home as now I have a better understanding of what it's going to take going forward.You are always greeting by smiling staff here, from the BHTs to Nursing, 24 hours a day, no matter what your need is they are always eager to find the solution. Even the housekeeping staff is fabulous! I have not ever experienced such a truly caring team at any other facility... It's almost surreal but I image this is actually what treatment is supposed be.If you have the time to watch the videos posted on YouTube I strongly suggest it, and when they talk about a comfortable patient being a happy patient they were 100% honest as its obvious that is what they strive for here.
Date: a week ago


Name: Natasha Weiler
Rating: 5
Review: The staff and therapists were amazing! I immediately felt welcomed and cared for. The food was great and the classes and activities were extremely beneficial to my recovery. It was nice to have the privacy of my own room and the grounds and houses were kept very clean. I would recommend White Sands to anyone struggling with addiction.
Date: 2 weeks ago


Name: Shawn Alday
Rating: 5
Review: What an awesome place!!! Staff is amazing! Stephen and Alex were there to greet me putting all my worries to rest. Super clean housing with very comfortable beds. A/c set at 70 ( thank god!) I enjoy the cooler Temps during these hot summer months. Plenty to do Saturdays we go to the beach then do a bbq!! I mean come on pinch me is this rehab or a cast away resort? 1,000 stars!!
Date: 2 weeks ago

About WhiteSands Alcohol & Drug Rehab Fort Myers

WhiteSands has a unique philosophy whereby we believe a comfortable guest makes for a successful patient. We have amenities & clinical care that are second to none including a large campus with all private rooms, cell phones allowed in the room, and a state of the art athletic center with boxing and one on one training with professional coaches. See the website for photos and details!nnIf you reside in the Fort Myers area, you have the opportunity to meet with a compassionate and supportive WhiteSands Treatment Fort Myers specialist who can help answer your questions and concerns, as well as provide guidance, when seeking help. Whether you or a loved one are in need of detox or rehab from drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs, we can help.

Understanding Inpatient Treatment

What is really Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Inpatient rehabilitation is really the top level of support offered to those with substance and liquor dependency. In in-house rehabilitation, we offer lodging in a location while receiving care. Some plans offer detox initially, to free the system of the contaminants gathered from the misuse of narcotics or liquor. Subsequent to that, they can proceed to in-house rehabilitation. Moreover, other in-house facilities accept clients who have just finished detox.

Primarily, inpatient rehabilitation offers extensive support. This is really advantageous and supports significantly with cravings while tackling the root issues contributing to their habits. Indeed, many rehabilitation centers, in turn, also help with co-occurring behavioral health conditions. These include depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, manic-depressive illness, and post-trauma stress (PTSD).

Inpatient rehabilitation facilities, like our West Palm Beach Rehabilitation Center in South Florida, possess a lot more to offer than group therapy and lectures. Choices like artistic therapy, sound therapy, and neural feedback keep things engaging and involving. Thus, each client effortlessly obtains enough exposure to learn what is effective and what doesn’t is effective for them.

Inpatient substance and liquor treatment is especially helpful for beginners and those who have attempted outpatient or less rigorous plans but discovered them ineffective for their needs.

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